Collection: Making the Bed

We're off to a good, slow start. Whenever we fix the bed first thing in the morning, we are present and grounded, in ourselves and in the moment. It's an invitation to take in the beauty that the morning beholds, be it the dreamy colors of dawn, or the blinding sunshine at ten in the morning. It’s meditation through rituals—making the bed, preparing a warm cup of coffee or tea, with a fruit or a pastry, sitting down, and just being.

We fold our blankets instead of scrolling mindlessly on our screens. Take in the sense of calm that the orderly, neat surroundings of the bedroom, our safe space, gives. Excited and ready, we're off to a great start. 

Likewise, when you find yourself coming home from a bad day, it's a welcoming sight to see your bed made. Neat, orderly, inviting, and cozy, in spite of the things out of your control, your made bed, your room, and sanctuary is something you can rely on, something you can come home to.

Let our inabel blankets indulge you, in a good night's sleep, an afternoon nap, or lingering in bed, the first few minutes you wake up in the morning. Fluffy and comforting, nostalgic and familiar, we hope you feel the warm embrace of our woven blankets.


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