Collection: Moving with Nature

It doesn't take much to be inspired when surrounded by nature. All it asks is for us to be really, truly be there—be with nature. Ever wonder why, when we're by the sea or the mountains, we are encompassed with an overwhelming sense of peace? As within, so without, they say, and we are nature ourselves, we are made of nature. And whenever we are outside to connect with our surroundings, it feels like coming home.

When we travel, we leave our homes, our comfort zones, and so we bring with us dear possessions to recreate little, temporary sanctuaries in the places we're visiting, the spaces we're borrowing. And in the times we find ourselves at home with nowhere to go, we turn to the things that remind us of nature, to bring home that sense of peace. Intricate patterns inspired by nature's beauty, the colors that behold the great outdoors. 

Our buddy blankets are colorful, versatile, and multi-purpose. Woven by the wonders of nature, its intricate beauty, and the colors that live, allow us to recreate nature wherever we may be. It's unfussy and uncomplicated, as our wandering souls are, and functions, as needed, be: a cozy wrap to keep us warm in an airconditioned bus, a space to mark the areas we make ours when lounging by the shore or taking a break on a climb, a makeshift clothing when we can't be bothered to find a proper one, or even a reminder of a home away from home, transporting us to the places outside we so long for.

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